Carlos Copello is a prestigious, authentic and characteristic dancer and choreographer, the one and only capable of decode every step and deepest secrets of the Argentinian Tango. Carlos Copello strengthened one of the most original styles of Argentinian Tango and simplified, with such elegance and finesse, the techniques of an authentic tango dancer.
World-famous for his role in the cast of “Tango Argentino” on Claudio Segovia and Hector Orezzoli’s show in the late 80s which revolutionized the tango world.

With 30+ years of experience. Carlos Copello also appeared in “Forever Tango”, “Tango Pasión”, Tango x2”, “Tango 89”, “Los Creadores” show with Mariano Mores and Ariel Ramirez. Directed his own International Academy of Dances and Art (Carlos Copello´s Tango School). He also directed two movies about tango called; Tango Fatal (2006) and Tango, The Seduction (2007).

Carlos Copello with his dance partner at the time, Alicia Monti were summoned to be part of “Tango Argentino” cast that toured the world until 1992, including one of his most important presentations in London (1991) and Buenos Aires (1992).

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After that, they both were part of one of the most outstanding tango shows, such as “Forever Tango”, “Tango Pasión” and “Tango x2”. In 1999/2000 they were going to be back again in their role in Broadway for “Tango Argentino”, being nominated in “Musical Best Revival” category for The Tony Awards.

Carlos Copello also acted in Sally Potter 's movie called “La lección de Tango” and multi awarded Wong Kar-Wai “Happy Together”. In 1998 performed in Adam Boucher's “Tango: The Obsession” too. Worked in “Assesination Tango” movie directed by Robert Duvall and most recently Fermin movie “Glorias del Tango” with Héctor Alterio and Gaston Paul.

In 2000 filmed “Learn with Carlos and Alicia” series directed by Adam Boucher. One of Carlos Copello’s first job as a performer was on the prestigious “Casa Blanca” in Buenos Aires with “Los Mejores” (The Best) show. Along with his children Miriam Copello and Maxi Copello opened his own tango school and was part of the cast for “Esquina Carlos Gardel as a choreographer director”, “Solo Tango, The Show”; directed by Dolores de Amor.

In 2006 co-directed and designed the choreography for “Tango Fatal” movie, about the soundtrack of the album of the same name composed in 2001 by Carlos Franzetti, nominated in many Grammy Awards and winner of the Latin Grammy for Best Tango Album. In 2007 directed “Tango, The Seduction” DVD movie.

At the present time Carlos Copello is the star and figure in “Rojo Tango” show in the Faena Hotel, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires.





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