Carlos Copello’s Tango School opened up in August 1 in 2004. Through time, the family keeps their own traditions and roots of this complex dance. Teaching classes, passing on their deepest knowledge, being this their main goal. Communication is the tagline… and tango is nothing more than their excuse to say what they feel.

“Behind every movement, even the simplest, there is emptiness if it does not exist a feeling”

Located in Argentina, made up of an international family team of professionals in innovative tango. Our classes consist of the fun of the process and being able to enjoy this beautiful dance, creating a friendly space where everyone can feel and be part of this big family named Tango. We are going to be teaching the students our system little by little until they give their best.

ATTENTION: If you like this culture, you may get caught in the love of tango.

Our services

Group Lessons

(In Person-Zoom calls)

You can enjoy in person classes, learn the basics of tango and climb up until you reach a professional level. We have a weekly schedule so that everyone can join us!

Private Classes

(In Person-Zoom calls)

These are particular classes, with a unique style and different system. We were able to develop this form through years and fortunately achieved this style. These classes are based on the student, it depends on the level. 


We have different kinds of shows for your event, different variations of time, so we can make it special, unique and unforgettable


Mirian Copello



In her family they are all rock and roll dancers who always instilled in her this love of dance. Her father Carlos Copello showed her the way of tango and since she was 20 years old she has been dancing tango constantly, she is also the director of Tango Escuela Carlos Copello.

Carlos copello



Learned tango along with famous tango dancers of the golden age of tango, like Miguel Balmaceda and Nelly, Antonio Todaro, Gerardo Portadela and Pepito Avellaneda, his teacher guide Nelson Avila, star of the Argentinian Popular Art.

Cristian Correa



From a very young age he dances Argentine Folklore, in his family they are all folklore dancers and musicians, who always instilled in him a love of music and dance. At the age of 19 he discovered tango and from there it became his passion that he constantly takes to every place he goes with total respect and love.


Silvana Nuñez

I have known Carlos Copello Tango School since its beginnings. Besides being a teacher in the school, she also was in charge of the coordination of numerous artistic and cultural activities.
At the present time, she keeps teaching different techniques of “Tango de Salon” and “Stage Tango” along with her dance partner Ivan Leonardo Romero, Stage Tango World Champion in 2004.

Silvana Núñez

anette y Ferrucio

When we went to Argentina we went to Carlos Copello Tango School. The enthusiasm and the treat we received that time, and the way they taught us was incredible, the school is simply spectacular, and the energy couldn't be better. We are so excited to come back!.

Anette and Ferruccio from Belgium

Mariano Sassano

I lived the best moments in Carlos Copello Tango School, it was amazing! Not only the teachers, also the place and everything together were all about Tango. Love and friendship that I found in a few places.

Mariano Sassano

Joaquin Torres

 Great memories of the school, a place to socialize and learn, always with such good energy. An educational unit for teachers and big masters that were almost the dream team, generous, patients and committed. I am really happy to come back!.

Joaquín Torres

Juan Pablo Bullich y Rocio Gracia Liendo

Since day one, for both of us, that was a place of reunion, of learning and joy. We got the best memories, and we got to meet incredible people that until this day we called them friends.
Gave us the possibility to have different work experiences, motivating us to always be better and to grow for ourselves.

Juan Pablo and Rocio Garcia Liendo

Carla Ferreyra

While I was learning, the experiences I acquired that time were really important for me. From the lessons of the best ones (Fabián Peralta-Silvana Nuñez- Sebastian Achaval-Cloude Murga-Maxi y Maricel, los Filipelli, etc) until all the amazing things I learned in ballet with Maximiliano Copello; rehearsals, presentations, and a lot of hard work. The school is a place where you can study, become a professional and feel like home at the same time.

Carla Ferreyra


International recognition.

+20 years of experience in Tango.

Familia y El baile



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Salón Marabú – Maipu 365, CABA, Argentina.