The dance company, “El Clan Copello”, didn’t begin and neither is a normal dance company.

It’s a company of a father and his children that consists of the dancers Carlos Copello, Maxi Copello, Raquel Makow, Miriam Copello, and Cristian Correa. Everything began in the Sunday barbecues in the Copello household. Maxi and Miriam grew up in a family of musicians and dancers, which ended up being the destiny of the two children as well. Their grandfather, Purinki, had a dance hall of Argentine Folklore and Chamamé in Santiago del Estero, and when Maxi and Miriam were little kids, their father, Carlos Copello, began traveling all over the world performing in tango shows. 

In conclusion, a Sunday in the Copello household never was a boring one. They would become dance parties and would form small dance competitions of Rock & Roll and Tango. When Maxi and Miriam dedicated themselves professionally to Tango, each Sunday with their father, Carlos Copello, they would show off different steps from barridas to sacadas and ganchos. Each one of them competing with the other. It was always just for fun until the milongas starting calling and asking them to perform. So slowly they took the steps that they’d dance in their backyard to the dance floors of the milongas. As they would enter the doors of the milongas all together, they had an undeniably powerful presence that inspired the people to call them “The Clan”.

el clan copello

    It was only in September of 2015 that the Copello family and their partners began taking the idea of forming a dance company more seriously. They would get together three time a week to rehearse, many times ending the rehearsals in intense discussions, all in search of achieving something artistically different and special. They performed in several important and well-known milongas of Buenos Aires: Porteño y Bailarín, Maldita Milonga, Salon Canning, Viva la Pepa, El Milongón Platense, La Viruta, and Milonga de los Zucca. With each performance they began to form the personality of the company, and they finished each show with the signature of the Clan Copello, Rock & Roll. Rock & Roll always was an important part of the Copello family. Maxi and Miriam’s parents met dancing Rock and their whole family would start dancing Rock at the Sunday barbecues.

    And so in each performance of the Clan Copello, one doesn’t only see authentic Argentine Tango, but also the history of a loving and artistic family that share their two greatest loves in life: family and dance.

Carlos copello


Learned tango along with famous tango dancers of the golden age of tango, like Miguel Balmaceda and Nelly, Antonio Todaro, Gerardo Portadela and Pepito Avellaneda, his teacher guide Nelson Avila, star of the Argentinian Popular Art.

In 1986, he won a national tango dance contest, and in 1988 debuted professionally. The worldwide success that Carlos Copello reached in “Tango Argentino” with premieres in Paris (1983) and especially on Broadway (1985). Along with Claudio Segovia and Hector Orezzoli, Carlos Copello also were part of the cast that would tour the world in 2011. Then he became a star in “Forever Tango”, “Tango Pasión” and “Tango x2”.

In 1997 acted in Sally Potter's movie “La lección de Tango” and multi-awarded Wong Kar-Wai “Happy Together” and in 1998 performed in Adam Boucher's “Tango: The Obsession” too.

In 2000 filmed “Learn with Carlos and Alicia” series directed by Adam Boucher. In 2002 Carlos Copello was part of the cast for “Esquina Carlos Gardel” as a choreographer director, “Solo Tango, The Show”.

In 2006 co-directed and designed the choreography for “Tango Fatal” movie, about the soundtrack of the album of the same name composed in 2001 by Carlos Franzetti, nominated in many Grammy Awards and winner of the Latin Grammy for Best Tango Album. In 2007 directed “Tango, The Seduction” DVD movie. That same year, along with his son Maxi Copello performed “El rey del tango” on Broadway.

At the present time Carlos Copello is the star and figure in “Rojo Tango” show in the Faena Hotel, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires.


Maxi Copello and Raquel Makow have danced together since June of 2015. They met in the milonga Salon Canning in Buenos Aires where they danced for the first time together. They have danced in the most famous milongas and theaters of Buenos Aires, as in Teatro Avenida, Lola Membrives, La Viruta, and Salon Canning. They also acted and danced in the movie, “Se dice de mí: Tita de Buenos Aires” about the famous tango singer, Tita Merello. Together they have done a variety of Tango projects, and everyday they continue to achieve their dream of dancing, creating art, and transmitting their love of Tango to others.

Maxi y Raquel


miriam y crintian tango

Dancers and masters of Argentine Tango, with a personal style that is intimate and innovative. They dance together in Buenos Aires since 2012. Like the majority of the teachers and dancers, they began with Folklore and Argentine Rock. They travel every year to Europe, where they impart workshops and shows in festivals and in well known dance schools. Currently they are teachers at the Tango Escuela Carlos Copello where they have regular classes. Their classes of Tango, Milonga, and Vals have a passionate and fun style. They use techniques and means from different corporal and intellectual disciplines that achieve to integrate the students in a unique way, motivating the beginning level students as much as the advanced students